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Mark Picchi, a long time New Lenox “Proud American”, is one of the village’s business success stories.  In 2002, at the young age of 22, Mark started V.I.P. Automotive, Inc., a complete mechanical service center that has grown into a local success story.  Anyone who knows Mark will tell you that his success is because of the heartbeat of service that one can feel from the moment their call is answered in the office to the moment they are driving their repaired vehicle away.

Most people are pleasantly surprised to discover that the name actually comes from the initials of some very important people in Mark’s life.  The V is for Valis, his grandfather and godfather.  The I is for Iamundo, his aunt and uncle, and the P is, of course, for Picchi, his own family name.  Mark and his wife Autumn, a registered nurse at a local hospital, live in New Lenox along with their three beautiful children.

Customer satisfaction was so high that everyone started recommending V.I.P. to their friends and family.  It wasn’t too long before they had to find a larger location.  They found it at 12535 Old Plank Drive off of Schoolhouse Road.  A convenient location for clients since it is less than two miles south of LincolnWay Central High School.  Their new home offers better parking, a big, comfortable waiting room for adults and kids, free internet access while you wait, and a lot more space to work on the many vehicles that go through their shop and come out running great!  V.I.P. Automotive, Inc., influenced by family values, American work ethics, and where you the customers are made to feel like VIPs!

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